Our Whitetail Deer hunting consist of several methods of hunting and the type of hunt is mainly governed by the weather - cold, windy, warm, snowy, etc. 

Hunts can be from blinds along active deer trails to still hunting or from tree and portable stands to hiking in to remote areas.  We have a style of hunting available for the wants and needs of all our hunters .

Guides provide transportation by 4x4 or half ton when required.   They will get the game back to camp and work with the hunter in the handling of his/her deer to insure that the trophy is properly cared for. Check HERE for season Dates & Rates

Don Ancello, N.J., Trophy Buck Collett McFarland N.J., 13 pts. .. nice size buck! Two successful hunters

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If you've never bagged a trophy,
how do you know they're out there?

Read about Don Ancello's Fundy
harvested trophy buck in
" North Country Outdoors".

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