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Fundy Outfitters - Hunter's Paradise!










(Steven's son.)







Mr. Jose Alonso, Stanford CT and Guide Mac Rossiter.
Jose's Moose was taken Sept. 22nd at Fundy Outfitters

Another photo of Mr. Jose Alonso and his Moose

Mr. Harry McLaauhhlin, Walden NY

Mr. Harry McLaauhhlin, Walden NY

Mr. Robert Libutti, Fork River, NJ
This is Robert's 1st bear

Larry Dulisse, Mansfield PA
Larry's 1st bear taken at Fundy Outfitters - in June

Larry shown with his hunting buddy
Thomas DiBernardo

Jamie Allen, Egg Harbour NJ
This is one of many bears taken by
Jamie at Fundy Outfitters

Jamie shown again with his hunting party

Mr. Paul Schairer, Egg Harbout NJ
This is Paul's 1st bear

Mr. Carl Bornhorst, Old Chatham NY
This is Carl's 2nd bear with Fundy Outfitters

Mr. Ralph Nickerson, Chicester NH
This is Ralph's 1st bear with Fundy Outfitters

Ralph again, with his friend and hunting
buddy Allison Newey, Truro NS

Mr. Wilmer Zimmerman, Stanley NY


Marc Wallace of Alva, Oklahoma with 1st bear
taken at Fundy Outfitters, very nice

Mr. Dale Shultz, Methuen MA.,
Nice bear taken at Fundy Outfitters = well done!

Stephen Shultz, Lynn MA., with his very large
bear (316 Lbs.) taken at Fundy Outfitters
- Stephen's 3d bear at Fundy.

Another photo of Stephen with his bear.
Very well done!

Mr. Charles Chorey, Lawrence MA., with his
bear taken at Fundy Outfitters

Michel Shultz, Lynn MA., with his nice
bear taken at Fundy Outfitters

Here is another photo of Mike and his bear.

The "Wild Bunch" - week of May 25th 2015

Mr. Michael Copeland, Westminister MD.,
with his very nice 3d bear taken at Fundy.
Well done Michael!

Mr. Arthur A. Bundy, Scottdale PA.,
with his 1st bear taken at Fundy Outfitters.

Michael Benbrook, Marlboro NJ.,
with his 5th bear taken at Fundy Outfitters

Some of our hunters from the week
of June 15th 2015

Stephen Bolduc, Vassaalbro ME., with his
latest bear taken at Fundy Outfitters

Mr. Harry McLaughlin, Walden N.Y., another
one of many Harry has taken at Fundy Outfitters

(L to R) Stephen Bolduc of Vassaalbro ME.,
and Harry McLaughlin, Walden N.Y.

Robert Yorks, Farmington ME., - one of many
bears taken by Robert at Fundy Outfitters.

Ann Yorks, Farmington ME., - well done!

Early spring Moose out looking
at Fundy Outfitters Lodge


Dave Duval and his daughter with their bear
taken at Fundy Outfitters, May 22nd 2014.

Alka Campbell, Summerside PEI,
with her 1st bear taken at Fundy Outfitters.

Michael Copeland, Westminister MD with
his 1st bear taken at Fundy Outfitters.

Another photo of Michael Copeland's
1st bear taken at Fundy Outfitters.

Carl Bornhorst, Old Chatham N.Y.,
Black Bear (324 Lb. male) taken at Fundy
Outfitters, May 29th 2014 - very nice!

Another photo of Carl Bornhorst's
324Lb. bear taken at Fundy Outfitters.

Ann Yorks with her 3d Bear taken at Fundy
Outfitters June 10th 2014 - very nice!

David Conner, Rome ME, with his
nice 3d bear (210 Lb male)taken at
Fundy Outfitters, October 6th 2014.

Another photo of Frank Bennett and his
3d bear taken at Fundy Outfitters

Steven Bolduc, Vassaalbro ME, with his bear
taken on May 20th 2014, one of many taken
by Steven at Fundy Outfitters.

Jose Alonso, Stamford CT, with his 180 Lb
bear taken June 16th 2014 - one of many
bears taken by Jose at Fundy Outfitters

Another photo of Jose Alonso, Stamford CT
with his 180 Lb bear taken at Fundy Outfitters

Ryan Roberts, Thornton NH, 1st bear taken
at Fundy Outfitters October 10th 2014.
Very nice 165 Lbs - well done.

Another photo of Ryan Roberts, with hunting
buddies Matthew Sheehan, Randall Roberts
and Dad Ryan - a great hunting party.

Matthew Sheehan, Laconia NH, with his 1st
Bear taken at Fundy Outfitters, Oct 7th 2014
Very well done!

Randall Roberts, Thorton NH, with his nice
bear taken on October 6th 2014 - his 1st bear
at Fundy Outfitters - very nice!

Harry McLaughlin, Walden NY - one of many
bears taken by Harry at Fundy Outfitters.

(Webmaster John comment)
Mac Rossiter's 14 point buck - a real beauty
taken November 17th 2014. Young at heart,
Mac still has the skills!! Well done Mac.


Eric Dibble, Windber PA
with his fall bear at Fundy

Randall H Bowen, Locust Grove GA
with his fall 2013 212 Lb Bear

Earl (Sam) Kilduff, Manchester CT
with his great October 2013 216Lb Bear
- one of several nice bears taken by Earl at Fundy Outfitters

Apostolos Trampakoulos, Hillsdale N.Y.
with his first bear taken at Fundy Outfitters
June 2013

Jamie Allen, Egg Harbour N.J.
with his 272 Lb bear taken in June 2013
one of several large bear that Jamie has taken at Fundy

Another shot of Jamie with his June 2013 BIG Bear
Great Hunt!

Harry McLaughlin, Walden N.Y.
with his June 2013 bear taken at Fundy Outfitters
This is Harry's 12th bear

Stephen Shultz, Lynn MA
with his first bear taken in June at Fundy Outfitters

Peter Latucky, – Gilmanton, N.H.
Shown with his bear

David Racida, Atl—Highlands, N.J.
with his May 2013 bear

Donald Marvel Jr., Keansburg N.J.
with his first bear taken at Fundy Outfitters in May 2013

Steven Connor, Allenstown N.H.

Robert Bolduc, Mercer, Maine
shown with his May 2013 bear

Stephen Bolduc, Vassalboro, Maine
with his May 2013 spring bear

Dexter Shultz (Papa Shultz), Nahant MA
with his 3d bear taken at Fundy Outfitters
June 2013

Dale Shultz, Methuen MA
with his 2nd bear taken at Fundy Outfitters
June 2013

More "Guests" arriving at Fundy Outfitters

Almost here...

Coming in to land.

Successful landing - now ready for the hunt!

Did you notice that everyone is smiling?

Your Bowhunting photo could be here!

Contact us today to book your
2014 Spring & Fall Black Bear hunt!

Rifle, Bow, Black Powder & Crossbow

We still have openings available!


Stephen Carpenter, Lyman ME

L-R Thomas Peaslee, Gilmanton IW(Iron Works) NH,
David Conner, Rome ME, Timothy Riel, Gilmanton IW, NH
& John Norton, Portland ME

John Norton, Portland ME.

David Conner, Rome ME.

William Maine Jr., Emglishtown NJ

Maine group, L to R - William Jr.,
William (John) Sr., & John's grandson Christopher

Michael Benbrook, Marlboro NJ, Large Boar 296 Lbs
This is his 4th Bear taken at Fundy Outfitters

Rosario Raia, Tolland CT. This is Sal's 5th Bear
taken at Fundy Outfitters. Well Done!

Michael Benbrook, Marlboro NJ
- nice Bear

Matt Breton, Haddam CT, Matt's 1st Bear
Very nice Boar - wt. 186 Lbs.

Frank Bennett shown with his bear,
and Outfitter & Guide Malcolm (Mac) Rossiter

Matt's hunting group. L-R - Richard Johnson,
Emil Tillona, Rosario Raia & Matt Breton

Michael Benbrook and his hunting buddies
Center Frank Bennett and on right Joseph Dziedzie

Frank Bennett, Middletown NJ
Very nice Boar


Timothey Burnett (center), Reno, NV May 2011 with
BEAR & hunting friends (R) Brett Fritz, (L) Tim Burbank

John L Norton, Portland ME, 1st bear taken
at Fundy Outfitters - nice 220Lb boar

Stephen Bolduc, Vassalboro ME, - 6th bear
taken at Fundy Outfitters - very nice

Mark Thompson, Chesapeake VA, Mark’s 1st bear
at Fundy Outfitters — very nice

Harry Pozniak, Cadiz KY, his 1st bear
taken with re-curve bow, fall 2011

Brett Fritze, Spencer MA with his 1st bear
taken at Fundy Outfitters - May 2011

David House, Bridgeton NJ, 2nd bear
with Fundy Outfitters - Great Fall 2011 hunt!


Glen Isler, Headland, AL
June 2010

Rosario Raia, Tolland CT
May 2010

Daniel Bolduc, Mercer ME
May 2010

Robert Bolduc, Mercer ME
Nice 255 Lb bear, May 2010

Stephen Bolduc, VassalBoro, ME
Stephen's 5th bear at Fundy Outfitters, May 2010

Emil Tillona, Moodus, CT
May 2010

Mark Hyer, Farmingdale NJ,
Marks 1st bear at Fundy Outfitters, May 2010

Your Bowhunting photo could be here!

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Spring or Fall Black Bear hunt!

Rifle, Bow, Black Powder
and soon... crossbow!


Chris Gagne, Waterville Me, June 25 2009
Chris's 1st bear. 150 Lbs - well done!

Chris with his bear and Uncle Dan and
Grandfather (and hunting partner) Robert Bolduc

Stephen Impey. Tolland Ct, May 26 2009
Nice 170 Lb spring bear.

William Koeber, Wyckoff NJ, May 28 2009
Bill's 1st black bear with Fundy Outfitters - very nice!

Bruce Harrison, Richland MI, May 29 2009
Bruce's 1st Black Bear - nice spring bear.

Stephen Bolduc, Vassalboro Me, May 22nd 2009.
His 4th bear with Fundy Outfitters - nice 210Lb boar.

Michael Costello, Waterbury CT, May 25 2009
Mike's 1st Black Bear, nice 140 Lb spring bear

Antone Stark, Battlecreek MI, May 25 2009
Antone's 1st Black Bear - nice spring bear..

Customer Comments..

To all of you who have taken the time and effort to send in those great comments about your stay with us, we wish to say "Thank You". Some of you have queried our future plans, as we did mention that we were considering slowing down the business, so it makes us very happy to confirm that we fully intend to continue the business for some time and accordingly, are accepting bookings right through 2018. Ruth and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

From: Joey Whitehouse
Sent: Wednesday, June 29, 2016
To: Mac R
Subject: Hey Mac

Just wanted to thank you and Ruth again for an amazing week. Alison and I had an incredible time, just being up there and seeing a bear was an incredible adrenaline rush. I don't have any other hunting trips to compare to but I don't see how it could have been any better. I know you mentioned about slowing down and hanging up your hat, but I hope not before we can come back. Please pass on our best wishes and thanks to Ruth, and let her know it took a week before I got over my food coma.

You guys are the best!!
Joey and Alison

From: Ralph Nickerson
Sent: Sunday, June 05, 2016
To: Mac R

Good Day Sir Mac and Miss Ruth,

I hope this finds you both well.

I am writing to thank you both for the FANTASTIC time I had at your bear hunting camp. From the minute I arrived to the moment I left I felt at home because of your hospitality. I had so much fun hunting in my own stand and then sitting with Allison in his box stand. (Great decision on your part Mac to have him in that style of stand).

Ruth your are the best !!!! At every meal I looked forward to seeing you and of course what you had prepared. After the first meal I decided I was not going to be late for any meal during my stay. Thank you so much Ruth.
Mac, thank you for suggesting that Allison and I stay in the same cabin. I made a friend for life.

I love the idea of the ice fishing sled to use as a transport of a bear out of the woods. My brother and I have always struggled with taking a bear out. Problem solved, Thanks Mac.

I miss the rabbits..................

Mac, Thank you
Ruth, Thank you
Hope to see you both next spring,


Ralph Nickerson
Chichester, New Hampshire USA

Sent: Monday, June 01, 2015 10:16 AM
To: R, Mac
Subject: Thank You

Hi Mac and Ruth
                      I arrived home safely and dropped this years bear off at the taxidermist in Augusta Maine and picked up last years bear. Thank you both for a wonderful time, and tell Ruthie I cannot button up any of my pants because the food was so good!!!!!.
Don't forget to book me for Memorial day week 2016. Mac, don't open that bottle till next year and you and I will have a few drinks together.

Mac I left an old seat cushion on the chair in the box blind. Sorry about this but I don't want any animals chewing or building a nest on the old cushion. 'Till next year - both you and Ruth are always on my mind and in my heart.

Thank you both,
Your friend, Mike

From: Ecklund, Alan, Houston TX
Sent: Saturday, June 07, 2014 1:30 PM
To: Fundy Outfitters Mac & Ruth Rossiter
Subject: THANK YOU

Just a quick note to thanks for a great week at camp.
The hospitality was awesome; food was great!
Experiencing the opportunity to hunt a bear for the first time was awesome. We definitely had a plan the last night to ambush the big guy. Two things you cannot and game! I know you did all you could do for us against the odds.

As I mentioned to you....I want to bring my Son, Rob up with me to have the same experience. It may be a year or so with his job schedule but I'll be in touch about that when the time comes.

Thanks again and hope you have a very successful season!


October 17, 2013

From: Randy Bowen
Subject: Bear Hunt

Just wanted to thank you again for the great hunt you provided me. My wife and myself had a great time and the food was wonderful. Tell Ruth that it was one of the best meals that we have ever had. We made it home safely but wish we were still there. Let me know how the rest of the season goes for your hunters. I will let everyone know what a great hunt it was and I am looking forward to booking another hunt in the near future.

Thanks again
Randy Bowen

From: Bill Maine
Sent: Wednesday, July 11, 2012 7:25 PM
To: Mac R
Subject: Thanks

Mac, I just wanted to thank you, your wife and Dale for all your work during our stay last month. We had a great week and had a terrific time. Chris was the talk of his school when he got back and he was glowing with pride for the next weeks. He still gets his chest pumped out when he talks about it. I couldn't have been happier for him. Graduating school will come a close second but doing what he did on his own will always come first in my eyes. We'd love to see you at the next show - make sure you let me know if you are going to attend.

Again thanks from the Maine's.

May 30, 2012


We would like to thank you for the most wonderful time bear hunting and comradery you, Ruth, and the rest of your crew (especially Dale) provided.

The food Ruth cooked was outstanding, and accommodations were great.

We are already looking forward to next year's hunt.

Best Regards,

Tim Riel

Dave Duval

From: corrado
Sent: Friday, October 21, 2011 4:19 PM
Subject: just to say thank you

1 Hey Mac,

I just wanted to say hello and to thank you once again for a great hunting adventure in N.B. Me and Billy had a great time, you and your staff there run a very well put outfitting service Besides being clean, friendly and feeding your hunters way too much, you make everyone feel very welcome like friends not clients. I know we had terrible weather but as you know i saw bear every day and was very happy with the one i took. Please know that you can use me as a reference any time you want i will be glad and honored to tell people the experience they are in for with Fundy Outfitters. Please thank Ruth for us and tell her im still tryng to lose the weight i put on.with her food and please say hello to Dale and also thank him for all he did. Mac, me and bill are already planning to come back up next year if youll have us, and we cant wait. If you get a chance, let me know how the rest of the season turned out and if I dont speak to you, have a wonderful holiday along with the rest of your family, and the same to Dale.

P.S. Everything went great coming home, the border was no problem at all.



From: Sam Kilduff

I'VE BEEN GOING TO FUNDY OUTFITTERS IN NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA SINCE 2001 (it would have been longer if my hunting partner had his way). I've harvested 2 bear in that time period, have seen a lot more. Had great times each and every time with memories that will live on. Mac Rossiter and his wife Ruth run a quality operation (great food, atmosphere, lodging) once there at camp also, Mac & Ruth's home where you're treated as friends rather then customers!!! If anyone wants to call me at 860-836-6293 or e-mail me at - I'll be glad to offer more testimonial!!!

From: Kevin Bleuns

Thank you for one of the best hunting trips of my life. I saw a lot of bear and I had an excellent time. The meals were beyond compare and you and your staff were, and are, the nicest people in the world. The Lord blessed me with this trip!

Thank you
Kevin Bleuns
Lansing NC

Hello To All,

Hope this finds everyone well.

We got home o.k. with our bears and meat. We had a problem at Bangor Airport with the ones that were packed in the styrofoam. The airline would not accept it and then when they turned one of them up it busted and blood poured out onto the floor. So, Greg just had one hour to go out and find coolers for the meat and bear. He had a good cab driver that got him there and back and everything packed up and on our way home. But, we do appreciate everything you guys did to help us there with the packing and all.

At the border we had no trouble at all, we didn't even have to get out of the vehicle.

The taxidetermist said the bear would score both in the Longhunter and the Boone and Crockett record blood. He will let me know after he gets it scored officially.

Dr. Jayme wants to come back, and we also want to come back sometime in the future, but can't afford to do this every year.

Feel free to give my name and phone number to the people you talk to for a reference.

Enjoyed the hunt,

Greg Hansford

From: Steve Rotski
Subject: how are you

Hey Mac,
How are things ? just in case you don’t remember this is Steve. I did your black bear hunt in May of 2005, the first week that you open to hunt, and I took a 135 lb male bear. I now have the bear hanging on the wall and he is very beautiful and I look at him every day and remember all the great times I had at your camp. My dad and I came up from New Jersey and both got bears and we were both very happy. I was sitting here looking at my bear and thought I would write you, telling you my bear is back from the taxidermist and I'm very happy with it. I had a 3/4 mount done and I'm working on a background to put behind it. Please say "hi" to the wife for me and let her know I loved every bit of her cooking and thought she was a wonderful person. My guide Al was funny as they come and after seeing the 2 of you argue at the dinner table that first night, after my dad got his bear, was great. I am working on a possible trip back, hopefully for your fall hunt of moose in 2007, (have to save the money) and possibly to see you your wife, Al and Dale. Hopefully, if I do get all the money needed for the trip and the taxidermy and everything else, I will get to see all of you again. I do hope all is well and I hope you have a great hunt this year and to hear from you soon.
Thank you for a great hunt and I hope to see you again

Steve Rotski
p.. I would also like to know what I would need for a moose hunt and if my slug gun would be good or if I need something else, and if so, what would you recommend and how would you equip it (scope).

To: 'Malcolm Rossiter'
Subject: RE: XMAS

Hello Mac,

We hope you and Ruth are doing well. It seems like time goes by too fast. I meant to send you a Christmas card, which I didn’t. We talked about driving over for a visit which we haven’t. I have intended to talk to you before this and tell you that ya’ll are the best. Everyone continues to say how much they enjoyed your place. You not only have a professional attitude, establishment and facilities, you also offered friendship. I was in Clark’s Chev dealership the other day and remembered how lucky I was to meet you there. Sure would like to hear some more of your stories of growing up around Fundy. I’ll be checking with the customers and see if we can get a Spring Bear hunt together this coming year. So with all that said, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Take care,
Don and Deborah

Subject: (no subject)

Whats up Mac? How was your fall hunt?I am planning on coming back in the fall of 06 with some of the guys that were there the last time including Alby. I have talked him into returning with me along with Jeff. What is the best week you would recommend for us to pick. I'm thinking probably six guys. I can't wait to come back - you guys are the best not only for the huntiheng but the warm hospitality. I consider you guys great friends. My hunt at Fundy Outfitters was my first experience at hunting outside of NJ and now I am hooked.

Thanks again for the great hunts and the all around great times.

Your Friend,

Dave House

P.S How did Adam make out in the Fall after leaving his Bow at home?

August 01/05

Mac and Ruth,

Thank you so much for your hospitality. This is a beautiful place you have. We'll be back to see you again.

Again,..... Thank you!

Tim & Rhonda

From: Mayfield, Jo (MHMR/Oakwood)
To: ''
Subject: Hello

Dear Mac, Ruth, and entire staff:

Sorry it has taken so long to get back with you. This is just a note to say thank you for the successful June hunt, and hope this finds all doing well and getting rested from the bear season. I want to thank you and commend the entire staff for the time we spent at Fundy Outfitters. The food was superb, the lodging and hospitality were excellent. I will be quite happy to recommend you to my hunting friends. My guide, Dale, was a pleasure to meet and thanks for his excellent help.

I want to thank you for the gift to my daughter, Ricka, she will be using this in her classes. She says to say hello to Kyle, and sorry they couldn't have passed more college ideas. She got to do more sight-seeing on the way back home.

I will be in touch to book for next year, and we are looking forward to seeing everyone.

Greg Hansford
Jo Ann & Ricka

From: Adam Wallace
To: Malcolm Rossiter
Subject: Made it home.


I apologize for the delay in sending this. Got home fine, arrived at my front door at 8:15 am Saturday. Went out on Sunday and purchased a Winchester .300 Short Magnum. I think next time around I'm bringing that instead of the bow. It should shoot a little further.

Thanks for another great vacation.


From: Joe Bowden
To: Malcolm Rossiter

Yo Mack
Just wanted to thank you for the great trip my son Steve and I had last week.
Did anybody shoot any bears on Friday night?
We tried some bear backstraps on the Bar-B-Que on Sunday night. Let me tell you that it was the best steak we have had in a long time. It was very tender and tasted better than beef (really).
We are going to try to come back the first week of gun season in October 06, hope to see you then.

Joe Bowden




From: Michael & Russell Welch,
Rte # 1, Box 74-B
Burlington WV, 26710

Dear Mr & Mrs Rossiter,

First we would like to thank you all for the wonderful time we had bear hunting at Fundy Outfitters. I would like to thank you very much for making it possible for my father to kill hid first bear. Everything was very good. Hunting was great and good eating food, Thanks again for a wonderful hunt and time.

Michael & Russell Welch

From: John & Matt Reed
Irwin, Pa.
To: Mac Rossiter

Dear Mac & Ruth,

I just wanted to send a note of thanks to you. The "Shawns Archery" bear hunt that we were on was as good as it gets. As you know, it was the first time that I or my son Matt have been on a guided hunt. The accommodations were great and the way you took care of us was outstanding.

The attention to the details both at the camp and in the woods by you and your guides is what made for a great time. You made us feel like "old friends" not clients.

Ruth, Matt wants to know if you can mail him some homemade rolls and bread? Just kidding, but he did want me to tell you that he'll miss your cooking. I think that he gained a pound or two. I know that I did.

I'm not sure when we'll be back but you can be sure that we will.

Again, thank you for everything you did for us.

John & Matt

From: Margie Wildgoose
To: Mac Rossiter
Subject: Re: Spring hunt

Hi Mac,
I got your message, will get in touch with Joe and see what we can come with, will let you know as soon as I can. It's always good to hear from you, your camp is always good, the food is great, thanks to Ruth, and you and the guides I always look forward to seeing, a great bunch of guys. It always helps when you get a nice bear as I did this past year, thanks to you, will see you again in 2005 for another hunt. Will be back in touch with you soon with dates. Thanks

Art Wildgoose

From: Michael & Davey
To: Mac Rossiter

Dear Mac & Ruth,

Had a great week! It's always nice meeting good prople like you two! Have a great summer.. looking forward to seeing you in the fall!

Take care,
Michael & Davey

From: D . House

Mac,Dale and Ruth,
I thought I would e-mail you guys and let you know what a great time I had when I was there. The hunt was great the food was tremendously good and the warm hospitality made me feel as if I was with family. I can't wait to come back since the day we left and returned to the States. All I have talked about is returning. Mac, if you get a spare minute, e-mail me and let me know how you made out with the spring hunts

P.S. Thanks for the poster!!

Sincerely Your Friend
David House

Subject: My first bear hunt!


(CLICK for larger view)
Hi! I thought I would send you a picture of my bear and I. I just got it back from the taxidermist yesterday. When Loren, Jamie, Jeff, and I came up this May, we had the time of our lives! The food was excellent, the accommodations were great and Hunting service was top notch! Even though Jeff and Jamie didn't get to bring a bear home with them, they both agreed that they wouldn't have changed a thing on our hunt. We all got a chance to see bears at our stands and Jamie and Jeff also got to see moose and coyote. When I picked my bear up at the taxidermist, he was very impressed with the color of it. He said that everyone that came in and saw it gave lots of compliments. I personally was very excited to get the opportunity to harvest a bear with a bow. I was very impressed with the accommodations. Our cabins felt like home away from home. As soon as I got back, I got together with my local archery pro shop owner and made plans for another hunt. Jamie and I will both be coming back next October to give fall hunts a shot along with my wife (who plans to shoot the biggest bear in camp) and the rest of the group we put together. We can't wait! several of us are already counting down the days. Well, I'm sure you're busy so I'll end now. Be sure to say hi to Ruth and Al for us and we will see you next fall. Thanks again for everything!

Robert.C. Vennum Jr.
Acme, Pa.

John E. Darney,

Hi, Mac,

Well we made it home OK at about 9:30 P.M. E.S.T. 675 miles to here. Harry's gas leak seems to have been fixed. Enjoyed the lobster's I bought in Alma and still have 2 for tonight plus some scallops.

We all had a great time even though we didn't connect with a bruin. We know you folks did everything possible to get the bears in and as you know the baits were "hot". They must have been working second shift that week!!! I want you to know that we know it's "hunting" not "shooting" that counts and it can't be guaranteed. Maybe we'll plan a spring hunt. It was a pleasure to work with you and Dale.

The food was especially good and despite trying not to eat too much I gained 3 pounds. We were very happy with the cabin too. It was all we could need or want, clean, cozy, and warm.

The digital pictures aren't as good as I hoped, not the same as being there for sure. A few are attached here and I'll send in batches so it doesn't clog your system. When I get the 35mm ones, I'll send copies if they're good.

Tell Dale I said "hi" and hope he gets a buck.

Check out my club website below.

Best Wishes to you and Ruth,

John E. Darney
Wallkill Rod and Gun Club

Paul Conklin,
Ct., USA


Here's a couple of pictures I had made up. Enjoy and thank you again foir a fabulous trip. 5 trips in four years and every one of them was great! You've made my hunting trip unforgettable each time.

Thanks again & see you in Hartford & Springfield.

Your buddy,
Paul C.

September 18th, 2002

Arthur Wildepose Sr.,
311 Beech St.,
Robbinsville, N.J., USA

Dear Mac,

Just wanted to let you know that I had a great time hunting with you again. As you know I've been hunting at other places in the past but Joe and I have found a perfect spot! I'm still disappointed I didn't get that nice one this year. I had my shot and blew it! On the 5th night, Hillard and Al put me in a nice stand, and a nice bear came in. I had a most enjoyable and heart pounding good time watching him for at least 30 or 40 minutes, climbing the tree for donuts and reaching for the honey can on the barrel. I just wish he was bigger. He would have been nice for a lot of hunters, but I'll wait and get my "monster" yet!

You have a perfect place, Mac, good lodging, the food is superb - my compliments to Ruth - the guides are great and the atmosphere around your place makes the trip up there all worthwhile.

My best wishes to all your guides, you (Mac) and your wife (Ruth). Enclosed is my deposit for next year's hunt. Again, Mac, I'll let you have a definite date as soon as I can, but I'll be up and looking forward to it. Let me know if you are going to the Edison Show and I'll stop by.

You're all great - Best wishes to everyone.



Just a quick note to thank you for the hunt. It was an incredible experience, and I hope to be able to enjoy it again next year. I will be talking with some people here to set up another trip. I made it home without incident and spent all day yesterday at my desk trying to work, but only thinking about bears.

My taxidermist was very impressed with my bear and suggested that he make a trip with me to see you.

When I arrived at the border I realized that I had forgotten the arrow that we went through so much effort to retreive. I was hoping that I could get you to send it to me. I left it sitting outside on the picnic table right next to the cabin I stayed in. I am sure that someone found it on Friday morning.

Thanks again for a great hunt and I'll be in touch soon to book for next year.

Adam Wallace
5 Pasco Hill Road
Cromwell Ct., 06416

From: "Steele, Raymond D (Ray), NPONS"
Mac and Ruth:

I want to thank each of you again for a great week. The only problem encountered was the long, long drive there and back home. Your hospitality and camp were excellent. I will be quite happy to recommend you to my hunting friends. Hopefully, we will be able to join you again for a future hunt or maybe just for a relaxing getway with the family.

Ruth, I know you must be tired, but I cannot brag enough of your culinary skills. Thanks again for the great meals.

Say hello to all for me and keep in touch. when things slow down drop me a note or email and let me know how things are going. I will be sure to pass it on.

Take care and thanks again for some wonderful memories.
Ray Steele
9706 Church St.,
Middletown, Va.,
22645 USA

2727 N. Fairview
R 0. Box 5487
Tucson, AZ 85703
(520) 884-9065
FAX (520) 854-1479

July 24, 2002

Mac & Ruth Rossitier
Fundy Outfitters
125 Forty-Five Rd.
Alma, New Brunswick,
Canada E4H-1G6

Dear Mac & Ruth,

I hope this letter finds you all doing well, enjoying the nice summer weather, and getting rested for the fall bear season. I just want to take a minute of your time to thank you and commend you both for the time I spent at Fundy Outfitters. I travel quite a bit, and your bear camp is one of the best. No detail was left unattended, the food was superb, and the lodging was excellent. Our guide for the week, Dale, is a great employee. His knowledge of the bears, willingness to please the clients, and his work ethic is among the best I've experienced.

I would also like to thank you for the way Fundy Outfitters took care of the PSE Dealers during our stay. When companies are mvolved in promotional ventures you always hope (and pray) that your customers will enjoy the event, and leave with a "good taste in their mouth". Everyone commented on what a great time they had and were discussing plans for a future trip.

Good Shooting!

Mark Wenberg
Special Projects Manager

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Dear Mac,

I know that this is very late in coming, but I wanted to tell you what a wonderful time I had , although I wasn't able to harvest a bear, I would recommend "FUNDY OUTFITTERS" to anyone, you run a very professesional operation. I hope to come back this coming season, along with Bob, and possibly two other hunters. Best to the crew, I remain.


Arthur Kutcher

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